Food Safety At The Store Level

November 6, 2011

Food store management should be trained regarding food safety issues.  They should know what to do if a customer returns spoiled product to the store, the questions to ask if a customer thinks a product made them sick, etc.

 Yesterday, my daughter purchased some salsa from the produce section of the Safeway in Herndon VA.  The salsa was bubbly and obviously fermented.  I said I would return it for her.  My concern was that there might be more on the shelf and someone else might not be as observant as we were.  The person at the customer service counter was way more concerned about receipts, whether we wanted the money put back on the credit card, etc.  I mentioned to her that she might want to get the produce person to check the rest of the salsa on the shelf.  There was absolutely no comprehension of what I was talking about.  She was way more focused on being sure my receipt was properly marked; mine was on making sure that someone didn’t get sick from fermented salsa.