The Obama Administration Could Do Something Monumental For Food Safety

September 2, 2012

According to the Obama administration, as they cut off the funds to the Microbiological Data Program, that program that finds salmonella and listeria on produce saving thousands of people from getting sick and possibly hundreds from dying, the core mission of the USDA is to facilitate the competitive and efficient marketing of agricultural products.  That being said, this administration now has the opportunity to do something monumental for food safety and possibly save some money at the same time.  Take all responsibility for food safety that the USDA has and give it to the FDA.  The FDA is already responsible for the safety of 80% of food products.  Make them responsible for 100%.  It’s all about focus.  Let the Department of Agriculture focus on improving and promoting agriculture.  Let the FDA focus on the safety of our foods and drugs.

Every administration wants to save money.  The FDA and the USDA each get about a billion dollars for food safety.  Save 500 million dollars, give the FDA $1.5 Billion and do something monumental for food safety.