Is The Auditor Responsible?

PrimusLabs’ audit shows a Superior rating for Jensen Farms.  Listeria monocytogenes from the Jensen cantaloupes caused the deaths of 37 and made 147 others sick, resulting in millions in medical bills.

When the FDA investigates they find a “smoking gun”.  The Jensens are using a used potato washer to wash their cantaloupes.  The washer is not designed for this task and just doesn’t do a good job.  To make matters worse, no sanitizers are added to the wash water.

Looking further into the audit we find that PrimusLabs had sub-contracted it to Bio Food Safety.  Earlier acting as a consultant, Bio Food Safety had pointed out to the Jensens the problem with the washer.  Bio Food Safety as the auditor found no problems.

Representing 44 of those that were sicken or lost love ones due to Jensen cantaloupes, the attorney, Bill Marler is going after the auditor.  A win by Marler will set legal precedent.  Although he is the very best at what he does, Marler will be facing an uphill battle.  The auditor did not contract to Marler’s 44 to do the audit.  Because of this, the auditor will argue that they are not responsible to the 44 for the food safety issues missed by the audit.


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