Jimmy John Just Doesn’t Get It

Six times in five years people get sick eating at Jimmy John’s sandwich shops.  The latest incident involves 8 people and 3 sandwich shops in the Denver area.  The E. coli coming from a still unnamed produce product put on the eight’s sandwiches.

Jimmy John has had his problems with produce, particularly sprouts.  In 2008, then in 2009 and again in 2010 people got sick from alfalfa sprouts on their Jimmy John’s sandwiches.  Not giving up on sprouts, the food safety expert, Jimmy John, switches to clover sprouts and makes people sick later in 2010 and then in February 2012.  After the 2012 incident, Jimmy John said he was tired of the bad press and banned all sprouts from his sandwich shops forever.  Evidently forever is nine months because sprouts were back in October.


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